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What College Fair Attendees Have Said:

"Patrick and I had an excellent day yesterday, thank you for inviting us and encouraging all of us to be a part of a productive
and educational forum. We found the conversations to be very helpful and insights plentiful."
~ Client Feedback, Mike Sullivan AVP Market Development UNU

What Colleges and Educators Have Said:

“You have created a terrific college advising center. I truly enjoyed my interviews and like the notion of on-site interviews so that students can explore their interest in a number of different colleges.”
Bill Dunfey, Admissions, Alfred University

“Anyone who is familiar with College Solutions is aware of the outstanding professional counseling services. Not only is College Solutions current with the various financial aid programs offered by each college, but they are sensitive and realistic in their behavior towards each family.”
Bernice Goldberg, Ph.D., Ed. Consultant

“Both Dean, Neal, and I were very impressed with College Solutions. As a past teacher and high school principal, I can appreciate the fine work that they do. It is obvious why high school principals and guidance counselors bring their own children to them. I would! P.S. We loved the on-site interviews we conducted at your offices.”
Dean Stewart, Elmira College

“On behalf of Denison University, I wanted to say thank you for all of your help and support. Each student that you referred to us will be a great asset to Denison University.”
John Haller, Admissions, Denison University

“Thanks so much for hosting us! We were most impressed with the students we met and are very excited about attracting more Maine students to Muhlenberg.”
Melissa Falk, Admissions, Muhlenberg College

What Our Clients Have Said:

“Your top strength is the whole process of finding the right college for the student, getting the best possible financial aid, and being the helpers that tell parents what to do when they do not know.”
Anonymous (Client Survey)

“I cannot tell you how often Sara and I have discussed how differently her life may have turned out had she followed the conventional wisdom and applied to state universities rather than shoot for the stars and go for the best. You had a large part in opening the oyster for Sara.”
Pat Donnelly, Wesleyan University

“Your knowledge of the colleges and frankness in dealing with our son was all greatly appreciated. I feel you have helped us a lot.”
School Principal, Ithaca College

“You befriended our son in the initial meeting and made him feel comfortable with the process. Our family battleground became peaceful once more!”
Anonymous (Client Survey)

“Thank you for your energy and time. The college you selected is a perfect match. Muhlenberg would not have been on our son's list if we did not see you. We are grateful.”
Clients, North Yarmouth Academy

“We would be delighted to have you use us as a reference. I am, however, disappointed that I did not get client of the year. I thought for sure with all my calls, questions, and whining, I would have come close. At least I get another shot at it when our son is ready to go the college route. Our sincerest thanks.”
Clients, Tulane University

What Seminar Attendees Have Said:

“Incredibly useful and provocative information. You even motivated my son!”

“The time flew by. You made it very entertaining and informative.”

“This seminar should be required of all parents, students, and educators.”

“It was refreshing to hear someone knowledgeable tell it like it is! I liked the fact that you did not make it an infomercial.”

“Wow! What a difference from the financial salespeople trying to sell me investment products.”

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