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We have always been taught that the best things in life are free; however, a college education is NOT! $130,000 is a realistic cost for a 4-year private university, and these are the hard costs. How am I going to pay the bill? What can I do? This is tuition shock caused by filling out two sets of complicated forms with varying deadline dates and differing formulas for federal and college monies. Although there are claims that the process has been simplified with the new title of “Congressional and Institutional Methodology” instead of “formula,” there is confusion.

Once you get past this, you will learn that most of what you did or do for tax savings will often cost you more in college aid than what you saved in taxes!

Accountants, financial advisers, attorneys? It's your choice, but when the accountants, financial advisers, and attorneys have questions, they come to us.


  • Our average client received over $17,000 in aid last year.
  • We have more than 20 years’ experience in this field.
  • We have assisted more than 4,000 families.
  • Unlike virtually all others, we are exclusively fee based and are not employed or affiliated with insurance or financial sales organizations, whose motivation is to sell products.

  • Reduce your college costs by thousands and thousands of dollars each year?
  • Learn which schools consistently deliver aid to families earning $100,000 and which schools are certain to disappoint $25,000-a-year families?
  • Know which strategies work at all schools and which popular strategies do not work at any schools?
  • Select colleges that:
    • have blind admissions?
    • do not require the SAT or ACT?
    • give more in grants than loans?
    • are more lenient with divorced or separated parents?
    • do not paint one picture for the college guide books but in reality, offer a lot less?
    • consider academics in the aid package?

Every year, many families struggle to pay education expenses, while billions of dollars in grants, scholarships, and loans go unclaimed.


  • Parents believe the myth that if their income is too high or they own their own home or business they won't qualify for financial aid!
  • Families do not know where or how to obtain these funds.
  • Parents often make costly errors when preparing financial aid forms on their own. Remember, these forms are meant to disqualify you.

College Solutions takes you and your family through the complete process—from college selection to the application process and the final choice.


  • Free Consultation
  • Student Interview, Student/Parent Interview
  • Coordination of Student’s Interests with Parents’ Financial Aid Concerns
  • Selection of Colleges
  • Financial Review
  • Professional Essay Review
  • Application Advice
  • Preparation of Common Application
  • Preparation of FAFSA Form
  • Preparation of CSS Profile Form
  • Preparation of Individual College Financial Aid Forms
  • On-Site Interviews with Admissions Officers from Numerous Prestigious Colleges

Your investment in your child’s education is probably the most rewarding investment you will ever make, but it is nonetheless, an investment. You owe it to yourself and your child to approach this as you would any other investment.

At College Solutions, our college experts bring 30 years of experience to assist you in reducing this major expense. Our expertise has helped thousands of families. Because when it’s as important as your child’s education, you do not want to make a mistake.

Don’t get left behind . . . Call today for your FREE CONSULTATION

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