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Searching for the right college can be a stressful and confusing time for any family.  Trying to get the needed amount of financial aid can make it even more so.  Let College Solutions guide you, like we have thousands of other Maine families.

College Solutions has the skills and experience you need for a stress free and successful guide toward higher education.  We will assist you with the college search, applications, essays, expert financial aid advice, and preparation of all forms.
College Solutions begins the process with an in-depth personal interview delving into matters such as diversity, geographical locations, sports, majors, likes, dislikes, etc..
Based on this interview, as well as considering SAT's, grades, etc., we will personally compile a list to meet your criteria, incorporating safety, reasonable, and reach schools into the equation. We have many years of experience in personally matching the student to a college that is a perfect fit for them.
The student will also spend time interviewing with many colleges right here in the comfort of our offices allowing them the opportunity to explore their options.  Because of the time spent, we have less than a 2% transfer rate compared to a statewide average of over 30% in the freshman year.
College Solutions will assist you by completing applications with your information.  We will review information for completeness, accuracy, and professionally type applications.
During this busy process, the student will communicate on a regular basis with College Solutions to ensure that they are working towards creating a good mixture of schools from an admissibility standpoint.  They will meet to discuss their "potential college list" and we will provide feedback in terms of admissibility.  We will also indicate which colleges will provide the student with substantial merit/scholarships.  Most importantly, we have the expertise to indicate which schools will give the student nothing at all.
During this process of working with the students and the schools, College Solutions will be working with the parents to attain the greatest amount of financial aid.  We will meet with both the parents and students to estimate their Expected Family Contribution to help determine your financial aid status.  Our expertise is directing families to schools that give significant amounts of financial aid and/or merit money.  Keep in mind that our average client earns in excess of $75,000 and receives an average of $18,000 per year in aid.  If it is determined that you will not qualify for merit/scholarship money while always keeping the student's goals in mind.  There are also other avenues that business owners can utilize to increase their status to attain financial aid.
We also provide an Admissions/Financial Aid Workshop exclusively for our clients in the month of October detailing the admissions/financial aid process and the entire process that you will be undertaking.  We will go over buzzwords that will help you understand the process.
College Solutions completes all financial aid paperwork: FAFSA (online), CSS Profile (online), Business and Farm Supplement, as well as individual college financial aid paperwork.
As the process comes to a close in late spring, all students are required by the schools to make their decision by May 1st.  We will meet with the parents and students to review your financial aid awards, discuss your options and assist you in making the decision as to where the student will attend.
After the student has made a deposit to the school, College Solutions will assist you with any loan paperwork to meet any un-met need.
As apposed to other advisors, College Solutions does not sell insurance products of any kind nor do we provide loans.  We are purely dedicated to the student's best interest.

8:30 a.m.–8:00 p.m.
Saturday/evenings by Appointment Only

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